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Bill Birnbaum

Bill Birnbaum

Bill passed away on June 24, 1997. He was living in San Francisco and died in a fire. He went to the University of Bridgeport, and ended up in California.

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02/18/09 01:17 AM #2    

Dennis Clark

Who could forget Billy? A very witty person that was extremely talented. He could stand out in any crowd as he was constantly entertaining us with jokes and his amusing impersonations. He always could make you laugh. Such a tragic ending to a very funny guy!

02/18/09 04:40 PM #3    

Debbie Kesselhaut (Sherman)

So sorry to hear about Billy. He was definately one of the funniest people I have ever met. He always made me laugh.

02/18/09 07:39 PM #4    

Glenn Bradie

I'm so sorry to hear about Billy. We go back to the Deerfield days. One of the most naturally funny people I've ever met, he was truly an unforgettable character!

02/19/09 01:12 PM #5    

Margaret Gibson (Adams)

Sad news.....
Such a funny guy!!!

I hope he is keeping them entertained in the here after !!!!

02/21/09 05:12 PM #6    

Steven Lehrhoff

Billy was a special guy with a great talent who could always make you laugh.
When I thought of him I always wondered what type of career he choose.I figured one day I'd turn on the tube and there would be Billy doing stand up in some comedy club. I am sad to hear about his passing, I was looking forward to seeing him at the reunion, catching up and hearing him do those one liners or doing W C Feilds, not to mention all the other impersonations he did.I remember him now doing Archie & Edith, he had that one down!!!!!!

02/21/09 11:10 PM #7    

Lucy Crom (McNamara)

I'm so sad to hear that Billy has passed. Billy could make you laugh so hard. I swear the way he used to say the number "58" killed me. Those of you who know him well can understand this. I would ask him to say "58" and he would crack me up every time. I always wondered why I hadn't seen in on tv in some comedy club special. Now I know. I'm sure you have them laughing in heaven. We will miss you, Billy.

02/25/09 03:32 PM #8    

Mitchell Wasserman

So sad to her Billy is gone. Man he had us rolling on the school bus every morning...especially on the days following when All in the Family was on....he had a spot on Archie and Edith down and made the bus rides from Mountainside go by fast...
rest in peace Billy.

02/28/09 01:05 AM #9    

Tomm Scalera

Wow. I have been trying to locate Billy on the internet the last several months.
Billy put me up when I moved to San Francisco in the late 70's. We got to be pretty tight through some crazy and turbulent times. I'll never forget helping him move down from SF to Hollywood. He rented a 40' U-Haul (when all of his worldly possessions could be moved in a station wagon) He didn't drive, so I drove this behemoth truck for the 5+ hour trip. We had a lot of laughs on that ride. When it came to return the truck, Billy did not realize we had to refill the 30 gallon tank. He rummaged through his pockets and came up with around 3 dollars and 62 cents. Guess who paid the rest. But that was Billy. He could drive you nuts one minute and make you laugh out loud the next. I moved down to L.A. shortly after and again he put me up till I found a place.
Hollywood can be a very dicey place. We were both chasing stardom and that can be really tough. I don't recall him ever having a legitimate job, but he definitely had tenacity. He lived on the edge and survived on his wits. We went through a lot together, dated the same girls at the same times, and I had to save his butt on more than a few occasions. But he was pretty brilliant, wicked funny, and we had a great time.
I left Hollywood in the mid-80's and we lost touch. Last I heard he had left there with a girlfriend for a simpler life somewhere in the southwest away from the crazyness of Hollywood. But I guess he finally ended up back in San Francisco. I'd like to think perhaps he found what he was looking for there, at least for a little while.
If anyone knows what he was up to after the mid-80's, I would be very interested. He was a good soul and a good friend. I will miss him.
Tomm Scalera

03/02/09 04:29 PM #10    

Frances Rajs (Wagner)

Some of my favorite memories of senior year are life at the lunch table. And as my kids have gotten a little bit older I realize just how important that place is in a teenager's life. He was part of our lunch crew of outliers. It was a place where those of us who weren't always so easy to understand, felt understood. I was hoping to hear that he was a Jon Stewart in more people's lives. I am so sorry to hear about his death.

03/07/09 07:01 PM #11    

Richard Consales

I remember Billy too. Lisa Craigee was good friends with Billy and I dated her way back when and she introduced me to him. I'll always remember his Richard Nixon impersonation. Although physically slight, he had such tremendous strength in his wit! He made me laugh.

Rich Consales

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